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You might think that

if you could just make more money in your business, everything would be great.


when we dig deeper and discuss what matters to you and what you really want, you might discover what you really want is time, freedom, security, and more enjoyment out of life.  However, in order to achieve those things, you need to have 

a business that can financially support what you want consistently.
I want to help you!
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This is why I start by looking at the numbers. I figure out what you need, then I come up with a practical way to get it. Whether you want a certain amount of income to take care of yourself and others, or a business that is more enjoyable to run, we work together to figure out the actions you need to take to make it happen.

After working together, you’ll have a solid understanding of the state of your business, the information you need to make informed business decisions for future growth, and the confidence to take the actions needed to achieve your goals.

Every business is different, every owner unique.

I take the time to get to know you and your business. Once we determine your priorities and what matters to you, I make thoughtful and practical recommendations for moving forward, and we work together to create a plan that is best for you. Once I understand what’s driving you, and we’re both clear on your goals, we create a custom plan that’s designed to get you results. 

Topics I typically discuss with my clients include:

Financial Goals and Analysis



Hiring/Team Expansion


Product/Service Development

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Revenue Strategy Session

Are you putting in the time, yet not reaping the financial rewards from your business as you had hoped?

A Revenue Strategy Session may be just what you need to get back on the path to increased profitability. You will leave this half-day session with a step-by-step, customized plan based on achieving your desired goals. 

  • Updating your pricing and offerings
  • Re-evaluating your niche and/or market
  • Development of new client packages
  • Creating a pricing system for client proposals
  • Determining your ideal annual revenue goal with an action-oriented business plan to achieve it. 

I will help you determine what steps to take next in your business, whether it’s increasing prices, creating a niche, or launching a brand new revenue stream, and I’ll teach you how to do it successfully.

Please note these sessions are specifically for service-based businesses. If you own a product-based business, revenue strategy is offered through accounting services. Please schedule a discovery call to learn more. 

  • An annual revenue goal, with pricing and offerings that align with achieving it
  • New pricing for your services that is optimized to be profitable for you, yet realistic for your target market
  • A strategy that will help you feel prepared for any sales call and more likely to attract your ideal clients
  • A follow-up call to check in on progress
  • A Pricing Worksheet you can customize for your business (for an additional fee)
  • A personalized post-session video with instructions for using your new pricing worksheet (if added)

After our session, you’ll know what to offer, how to present it to potential clients, how much to charge for your services, guidance on pricing custom proposals, and a detailed action plan with the strategies needed to implement it successfully. 

Each Revenue Strategy Session includes the following:

  • Pre-Session Questionnaire
  • Half-Day Session (3 hrs.) to dive deep into your business and develop a solid plan
  • Personalized Post-Session Video
  • Pricing Worksheet you can customize for your business
  • Follow-Up Call (30 min.) three months later to check-in on progress! 

Once you book your Revenue Strategy Session, you will receive a questionnaire (within 2-3 days) to complete prior to our meeting. This will help both of us prepare for the meeting so we know where to focus our energy and make the best use of our time together.

Revenue Strategy Sessions are half-day sessions (three hours) and are currently offered at either 10am or 1pm on Mondays. You can book your session below. Please note, availability is limited so book early.  


Custom Pricing Worksheet 

A personalized digital pricing worksheet can be created specifically for your business (for an additional fee). This worksheet can be used for pricing custom proposals or as a reference tool for your updated pricing and revenue plan. 

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Strategic Business Consulting

You started your business to make money doing what you’re really good at. That doesn’t mean you need to be an expert at every aspect of your business to be successful. Especially when it comes to the financial and operational aspects of running and growing a business. And if you’re doing this alone without a trusted expert to guide your decisions, it can be challenging. I will help you analyze the current state of your business, define your future goals, and create an action-oriented plan to get results.

  • Review your financial situation to assess performance, identify issues and areas for improvement, and guide you in making decisions for moving the business forward
  • Create a financial plan designed to reduce costs, optimize cash flow, and increase sales and profitability
  • Update pricing and offerings to align with your revenue goals
  • Develop a budget for saving money, and for investing in business growth
  • Create an operations plan to improve systems and procedures
  • Identify how to best grow your team and delegate responsibilities accordingly

Our work together begins by analyzing the current state of your business, identifying your goals, and developing a strategic plan to achieve them. Throughout our time together I offer support, guidance, and direction on how to best implement your plan. 

After working together, you will have a solid understanding of the state of your business, the information you need to make smart business decisions for future growth, and the confidence to take the actions needed to make it happen.

  • A kickoff call (90 min.) to establish a foundation for mapping out a plan to achieve your goals
  • Three months of weekly one-hour calls
  • Support availability via Slack, Voxer, phone, and email
  • Review of relevant business materials such as financial statements, bookkeeping records, sales history and projections.
  • A personalized Financial Business Planning Workbook created specifically for your business to use for pricing custom proposals, monitoring your budget and cash flow, and tracking revenue and sales progress (available for an additional fee).
Strategic Business Consulting Plans are for a period of 3-months for new clients. Support plans are available to clients who wish to continue working together. 

Plans start at $6k. Get a custom quote specific to your business needs. 

CFO Advisory Services are available to my clients on full-support consulting plans at no additional fee. These services include reviewing the financial aspects of your business to identify key factors for improving cash flow, operations, and profitability. Clients will be given guidance on budgeting, sales forecasting, and overall financial business planning.

Financial Business Planning Workbook 

A personalized financial planning digital workbook can be made specifically for your business for an additional fee. You can use it for pricing custom proposals, maintaining an annual budget, tracking revenue progress and monitoring cash flow and sales projections throughout the year. 

Business Accounting Services

Most small business owners don’t have the resources to hire a full-time CFO or in-house accountant. Yet these financial experts can provide much needed services that are invaluable to the success of a business. 

This is why I provide project-based managerial, cost, and financial accounting services for small business owners. These services are used to help business owners with financial business planning, sales forecasting, reducing costs, improving cash flow, and maximizing profit margins in order to make better business decisions.

  • Sales Trends + Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting + Projections
  • Budgeting + Financial Planning
  • Product Costing
  • Pricing for Retail and Wholesale Products
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Margin + Cost Analysis
  • CEO Management Reports
  • Custom Pricing Templates
  • A growth plan to expand your business and build your team
  • An annual budget to help you reduce spending and save for future growth
  • Product pricing that covers the costs of running your business and creates desirable profit margins
  • Sales projections and forecasting to help you improve cash flow and increase profitability
  • A thorough understanding of the financial aspects of your business so you can make informed decisions and feel confident about the direction of your business

We begin with a two-hour kickoff meeting to discuss the details of the project, expectations, timeline, and delivery. After I have had time to gather and review the materials provided by the client, we will have a second meeting to review the materials and make sure I have what I need to get started.

While I work on the project we will remain in communication for any questions that may arise. Once the project is complete, we will meet once again to go through the results of the project, with a presentation of the materials and how to use them moving forward.

Projects start at $2500. Schedule a discovery call to get a custom quote specific to your business needs.