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Free Resource Guides for Small Business Owners

Designed just for you – the small business owner who’s looking for guidance as you navigate the financial side of your business. I’ve created these free downloadable resources to help you along the way, whether you own a retail store, create products, or run a service-based business.

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For Service-Based Business Owners

Discover the keys to maximizing profitability and accelerating revenue growth in this on-demand webinar. Learn proven methods to craft pricing strategies that drive success while avoiding common pitfalls that hinder growth. This is your opportunity to fine-tune your approach to pricing and elevate your business to new heights.

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For Retail and Product-Based Businesses

This guide can help you implement smart financial strategies to help you manage and optimize cash flow effectively in your retail or product-based business.

For Service-Based Businesses

This 5-step guide is designed to help you increase your rates, strategically and thoughtfully, so that you can be successful at implementing them with current clients, and future clients as well.

A FREE guide to help you successfully increase your rates

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