About Me

I’m passionate about providing strategic business solutions that increase your profit.

I’m Kim Dawson,

I love talking numbers and ways to increase your bottom line (just hand over the spreadsheet and your P&L, and I’m happy)!

I also know running a profitable business probably goes deeper than the money for you. It’s about creating a fulfilling life and contributing to your community in a way that’s meaningful.

It’s about seeing your vision, art, craft, and entrepreneurial dream come to life as it impacts the lives around you.

Solid pricing, clarity in your cash flow, and a plan for your business’s finances can provide you with a deep sense of relief. An understanding of the steps to take gives you confidence to make the decisions that matter most for your business and goals.

You wake up loving your business even more and feel at peace as you bring your products and services to the world.

I provide small businesses with the strategic solutions that free you up to enjoy running your business again. With this freedom you can show up and infuse your creativity, share your talents, and fully engage with your staff and community.

When your business is sustainable, your team and community members thrive.

Live Out Your Mission.
I want to help you!
Kim Dawson

Your success is closer than you think.

When we work together, I help you get results as I guide you in solutions that are unique for your small business needs and individual challenges.

I bring a trained and detailed eye as I look over the financial aspects of your business that impact the big picture.

My desire is to show you that your vision can be achievable with the right plan and strategy in place.

Why I can help…

A business owner on paper for 20+ years, I’ve had experience running brick-and-mortar and online businesses and have helped hundreds of small businesses find strategic solutions that get results.

I’ve had firsthand experience building businesses, from owning a local health and fitness studio to co-founding a successful software startup. I’ve hired and managed staff and sold both products and services.

What I’m guessing we have in common is that, like you, I care deeply about providing the very best quality and high-level customer experience at every turn.

My Strategic Business Solutions

In addition to my entrepreneurial experience, I bring a background in accounting and finance with a specialty in optimizing prices and procedures to increase profitability.

I offer small business consulting, financial strategy, and business accounting services that are rooted in results so you can grow your business and wake up each day loving what you do!

What Do I Mean By Results-Driven?

When we work together, I listen closely to your unique needs, challenges, and goals for your small business. I create an individualized plan with the business solutions that help you achieve your revenue goals, hire the right team members, set strategic pricing, and know where to invest so you can achieve your goals.

I support you every step of the way to confidently take action and get the results that lead to business growth.

Author. Podcast Host. Adventurer.

What gets me up every morning is my passion for helping others do what they love and be profitable at it as they contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

I love working with small business owners building more than just a business; they’re building a life filled with experiences and fulfillment, personally and professionally. 

In addition to my client work, I host The Sassy Strategist Podcast and wrote a book, Passion to Profits: Your Guide To Building a Successful Business You Love, which made the Amazon Bestseller list in 2018.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me hiking in the woods, taking road trips to the mountains, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or attempting to get a perfect score on the daily NYT puzzle, Connections.

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