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Business Strategy focused on getting you results.

You're a small business owner who creates exceptional, personalized experiences for your clients.

 Your commitment to excellence sets you apart in your industry. However, you’re not as profitable as you’d like to be. You are often overwhelmed and exhausted. You dream about having a small team to help you manage your workload along with higher-paying clients who value your work.

You’re ready to make it happen, but you’re unsure where to start.

I can help.

Results Driven
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Business strategist

Kim Dawson

Together, we can implement a tailored plan of action to boost revenue, simplify procedures, delegate efficiently, and attract your ideal clients.

Since I started my business in 2016, I’ve helped hundreds of small business owners who work within creative and experience-driven industries. My clients combine artistic taste and a love of craft and design with an entrepreneurial spirit we both share. 

After working with me, I’ve had clients reach their revenue goals, all while hiring new team members, doing more of what they enjoy, and gaining their free time back.


What You Can Achieve

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Why My Clients Get Results

I take the time to get to know you and your business. Once we identify your priorities and what matters to you, I analyze your business to determine what’s working and what needs to change so that your actions align with achieving your goals. I make thoughtful and practical recommendations for moving forward, and we work together to create a plan designed to get you results.

My expertise lies in my ability to listen with empathy combined with my strategically-oriented mind. This, in addition to a background in accounting, nearly eight years of experience working with clients in various industries, and a life-long entrepreneurship journey of my own.

I am so beyond thankful for Kim. Hiring her was the best business decision that I’ve made all year! Within 2 months, my revenue increased by 50% ! She’s so knowledgeable and such a great support system. I highly recommend her!

Beth Blaney
Beth Carter, BBA Bookkeeping
Since we began our consultations with Kim, we have seen a dramatic increase in our sales per client. Our sales have nearly tripled! She offers ideas we would not think of on our own, and helps us to feel confident in the choices we make. Our business would not be where it is today without her guidance and support!

Natalie and Moira
Natalie & Moira, Whim Events
“Kim’s process for developing pricing models has completely changed the way I run my business. It was enlightening to see how much time I was spending on clients paying me the least. With Kim’s guidance, and some hard work, I now have clients eagerly paying me top dollar for projects I was begging for before. It has been transformational working with Kim.”
Caitlin Carey
Caitlin Carey, Popevent
Ways We Can Work Together
"I’ve been able to turn down small projects because the traction I’m making with Kim’s support has larger contracts steadily coming in."
Caitlin, C

Want to Learn How I Can Help You?

If you want to grow your business, delegate work to a supportive team, attract higher-paying clients, and achieve your goals with customized services, let’s talk. We’ll create strategies to increase revenue, attract the right clients, and give you more time to focus on what matters most. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.