Live the Life You Want by Making the Money You Need in Your Business

Financial Strategy for Small Businesses

You're ambitious and driven by vision, delivering impeccable quality while striving to exceed client expectations. But...

You’re frustrated by the time and effort you put into your business compared to the money you earn. Despite your hard work, you’re still not generating enough income to create the business you desire, or the lifestyle you dream about. 

You’re ready to start seeing results, but you aren’t sure where to begin.

I can help.
Make More Now
Make More Now

Make The Money You Deserve

Despite being an expert at what you do, you fear your prices don’t reflect that. You may even feel like your clients don’t truly understand the value you bring. 

You’ve considered raising your rates but are afraid you’ll lose clients. You want to delegate more work and perhaps grow your team, but right now, you don’t think you can afford it.

But you CAN. You can make more money, build your dream team, and have a business and life you love. You just need the right plan and support to make it happen.

It’s time to take action by working with someone who can create the financial strategy you need to make the money you deserve.

Build Your Vision

You know you have what it takes to be a leader in your industry and build a profitable business that supports the lifestyle you want to have. You can see the vision. You’re just waiting for the moment when it finally arrives.

The moment you know your prices reflect the true value of your work. When you feel excited about the clients you’re working with, and when you have a business you manage with ease and joy.

I can help you get there.

Just Imagine You Can...
  • Pay yourself what you desire and ensure fair compensation for your team
  • Increase revenue while working less hours
  • Enjoy managing your business and focus on tasks you love
  • Work with clients who bring you joy
  • Have plenty of time for a fulfilling life outside of your business

Let’s work together and make it happen. Book a Discovery Call today to learn how.

I am so beyond thankful for Kim. Hiring her was the best business decision that I’ve made all year! Within 2 months, my revenue increased by 50% ! She’s so knowledgeable and such a great support system. I highly recommend her!

Beth Blaney
Beth Carter, BBA Bookkeeping
Since we began our consultations with Kim, we have seen a dramatic increase in our sales per client. Our sales have nearly tripled! She offers ideas we would not think of on our own, and helps us to feel confident in the choices we make. Our business would not be where it is today without her guidance and support!

Natalie and Moira
Natalie & Moira, Whim Events
“Kim’s process for developing pricing models has completely changed the way I run my business. It was enlightening to see how much time I was spending on clients paying me the least. With Kim’s guidance, and some hard work, I now have clients eagerly paying me top dollar for projects I was begging for before. It has been transformational working with Kim.”
Caitlin Carey
Caitlin Carey, Popevent
Hey there!
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Financial Strategist for small businesses

Kim Dawson

Hey there! I’m Kim Dawson, and I’m a Financial Strategist dedicated to helping small business owners boost revenue and profitability while reclaiming their free time. 

I love seeing my clients rediscover the pleasure of running their businesses and achieving their financial goals so they can support themselves, their team, and the lifestyle they want to live. 

I believe we all have the right to experience financial freedom doing what we love. Having ownership over our lives, sharing our creativity and gifts with the world, and making the money we desire to live our lives to the fullest.

Ways We Can Work Together
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Get a FREE Copy of my

5-Step Pricing Guide

This 5-step guide is designed to help you increase your rates, strategically and thoughtfully, so that you can be successful at implementing them with current clients, and future clients as well.

The Process

"Partnering with Kim has been one of the best investments I have ever made. We got right down to business and moved the needle in a fraction of the time (and with far superior results!) than I ever imagined..."
Mary Lou Andre
Dressing Well

Are you ready to increase your profits and enjoy your business again?

Then, let’s get started! It’s time to go from uncertainty and fear to confidence and success. Establish yourself as an industry leader, command prices that reflect your expertise and value, and boost revenue and profitability in your business, all with less overwhelm and more joy.

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